Third Party Reviews

Joanne Blando | August 20, 2018 |

"Denise was great! My daughter wanted her nape shaved along with design. Denise nailed it! Wish I could post the pic."

jjpalla | August 14, 2018 |

"Great haircut"

James Hyde | May 26, 2018 |

"Had a unusually bad haircut at another location a few weeks ago. I visited University Oaks location today. Krista restored my faith in Sportsclips. I was given a fantastic, professional cut, trim, and shampoo service that was amazing. Thanks Krista. See you next month."

Paul Spence Jr | May 11, 2018 |

"I have gotten my haircut here about once a month for the last year. Have always had a great experience here. Staff is super friendly 5/5!"

Karamel Kiss | April 03, 2018 |

"Learn to do African American hair too"

Pete Rodriquez | March 13, 2018 |

"Second to none... even as new competitors come to market. This crew shines through brighter than any star. I’ve been coming to this location for 3 years now and as long as Krista, Jess, and Chrystal are still around... so will I."

James W. | December 30, 2017 |

"I have been using SportClips since 2006 and I have been to locations all across the USA. SportClips is by far the best place to get your hair cut over any other haircut business out there. The stylist are great and they are always friendly. They have televisions at every station and a big screen in the waiting room so you're always watching some sporting event which is totally awesome. They offer men's hair products as well. Their slogan "It's great to be a guy" is so true, it is. They offer different levels of haircut packages but the ultimate and best bang for your buck is the MVP. Get the MVP or go home is what I always say. It's a precision haircut, scalp massage and shampoo while you're relaxing in a vibrating recliner with a hot steam towel on your face. After that you're then treated to a neck and shoulder massage all for $23. Their prices rarely increase as four years ago the MVP was $22. It's worth more than that, but I truly appreciate the owner for keeping the prices at a great level. You don't need an appointment, just walk in and check in. They can get very busy at times. They do offer an on line check in which can be very challenging and frustrating to say the least and they do have a rewards program but it's not the easiest in the world to use or understand. I wish they would come out with an all inclusive app that would track your points, allow you to redeem your points, and check in on line. With today's technology it wouldn't be that hard. Over the years I have met a lot of stylist and I've had some great ones and some that were just ok, I've never had a bad haircut, but one time I asked for a #2 and the stylist used a # 1, my next haircut was free. This occurred at a California location. As far as stylist, Jess at this location is the best SportClips stylist in the USA, hands down. If you want a great haircut, come to SportClips, but if you want it to be a great relaxing experience, come to this location and ask for Jess. All MVP haircuts are relaxing, but Jess makes it even greater."

Will Hunt26 | February 01, 2018 |

"Always a friendly greeting when I walk in. They keep notes so they know exactly how to cut my hair. Highly recommend the MVP; it’s the highlight of my visit.... and so relaxing. Very professional staff and clean salon."

David E. | May 25, 2011 |

"Love the Sportclips, first came here thinking that a haircut like supercuts, or some other franchise, but nice treatment here, Plasma screens to watch the game, the MVP treatment $22 gets a shampoo, then a hot towel treatment on the face, while you relax in a massage chair, then a nice cut and a neck and shoulder massage while your in the chair, I highly recommend them, great deal, make it a monthly thing for sure... Ill be back every month"

Lindsay J. | February 11, 2013 |

"My boyfriend went to Sports Clips for the first time today. He got the MVP package. He was not impressed. He was the only customer in there, and was hoping for a good haircut since they weren't busy. The stylist was more concerned with keeping the conversation than providing a good haircut with attention to detail. She missed a bunch of hairs around the ears, and he'll have to fix it himself. The company does a great job of marketing and getting people in the door. It's too bad they don't hire better talent. It's a great concept, but the stylists ruined the experience. Will not go back."